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               Comments about Michael and "Story Paintings" books

"I invite my clients to enjoy Michaelís story paintings before their

therapy sessions with me. It helps them to relax, center, and prepare

 for self discovery. I recommend his books to counselors, teachers,

parents, grandparentsÖ everyone!"

Mary Jo Pedersen MS MFC

Director, Central Coast Counseling Center


"Viewing Michaelís book, Story Paintings from the Heart

 gave me encouragement to pursue my dreams of writing.

Seeing a local artist get his material to the public was exciting!"

Michael Muscio,

Author, Piasanoís Passion


"See love in print. A local author puts his heart on paper."

Ryan Millar

Writer, Santa Maria Sun


"After reading Michaelís book, my 12 year old sun, Boyd,

was inspired to trust his own ability to tell a story, and has found yet another outlet for his creativity."

Sheri Edwards


"A whole new way of seeing!"

Dorothy Gjerdrum

Writer, great grandmother


" I would recommend "Story Paintings from the heart" to

 any teacher wanting to inspire their students to express their

 uniqueness through words and pictures."

Lenni Claridy

Assistant Principal, Ontiveros School


"Michael is an uncommonly good person, compassionate

 and driven to help those with challenges."

Pastor Jim Schrotel    Unity of Santa Maria


"Delightful and charming. Michael has a childlike way in all his writing and artwork.

  Never grow up, Michael."

Sheila Butterworth

Bookstore Owner


The vibrant, expressive paintings are that of a mature artist, and the poetry is engaging, heartwarming and charming."

Roger Robinson

Gallery Owner, Art Teacher


You are a true messenger of how to acknowledge and visually see Godís special creations and bring home the message of beauty in a delightful, inspirational way.


Mikki Alhart





























































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