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  Story Paintings Connecting Hearts

                                                   Story Paintings Connecting Hearts,  Michael's third book,  published in 2007, 

is a collection of paintings and poetic stories. When a caring adult shares the stories

in this book about an animal or nature with a child, they connect heart to heart, gain

 new insights, and develop more positive outlooks on life.

Story Paintings Connecting Hearts, 64 pages, 8" x 11"    $24.95

From Molding     

"When will I gel,"  

asked the young swirl,"

and what will my mold be?" 

The surrounding ranges smiled,

admiring the swirl's beautiful tapestry evolving.

 A jiggling orange dome responded, 

"It may not be clear to you,

but your shape is forming marvelously. 

Be patient, my child."

Read the complete poem.


From The Variety Show

The first couple is Miguel and his dancing duck Carlita

While Miguel blows primal notes from a horn,     

 Carlita happily dances in perfect rhythm.         

Story Paintings Connecting Hearts, 64 pages, 8" x 11"    $24.95

Copyright   2013.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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