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The Frog’s Smile           


“Why is the frog smiling?” asked the young duckling to his mother.

“Is it because of the ripples we make with our feet?’


“Your ripples are beautiful, darling,” responded the mother duck.


“Maybe he is admiring the unique designs on our shells,”

boasted the three turtles in unison.


“The elegant hues of my feathers inspire his smile,”

said the peacock proudly.


“Perhaps your exterior appearances have beauty and merit,

but my song brings forth the frog’s inner smile,”

declared the flamingo.


All of the creatures listened to the frog laugh.

“Oh, it is a wonderful day to be alive

and in harmony with all life,”

he said enthusiastically.


The frog raised one arm, then the other above his head,

as he took in a deep breath of crisp morning air.


“Maybe the frog is smiling because he is happy,”

concluded the duckling.


The other pond animals nodded their heads quietly,

each wishing they had thought of the simple,

yet profound answer to the duckling’s question.


                      Michael Corob


The Frog's Smile,  66 pages, 8½" x 11.      $14.95

Copyright  © 2013.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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