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Story Paintings from the Heart

Story Paintings from the Heart is Michael's first book, published in 2000. The 18 sets

of poems, paintings and discussion guides are to be shared with children on the joys

 and wonders of appreciating nature and expressing ourselves.  The collection is a

deeply personal expression from Michael's  heart of his relationship with God

and his Jewish background.           

Story Paintings from the Heart,  84 pages, 8" x 11".      $15.95                                                    


 We carry the torch,

a collective spirit

passed on to us.

As we learn and share,

                                                               love and care,

                                                              the flame grows brighter.

                                Read the complete poem.

The Grape Sunset

The oranges, reds, and violets

 danced and shimmered in the clouds,

                                             ecstatically celebrating their freedom. 

                                            The clouds shared their joy       

                                             with the landscape                         

                                             by playfully splashing their light

                                             on each hill, tree, and small grape:


Copyright   2013.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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