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Story Paintings in our Heart

Story Paintings in our Hearts, Michael's second book, published in 2004, contains playful

fables and paintings in which animals and nature share, grow and celebrate life. 

Young readers will see themselves in the characters' challenges, relationships and

discoveries, and will joyfully respond in discussions, writings and drawings. 

His book is a resource for teachers and parents to help students appreciate

 nature, others and themselves.

Story Paintings in our Hearts    84 pages, 8" x 11"  $15.95


From "A Question about Sunflowers"

"Mom, why do sunflowers grow so tall?"

asked the young calf to his mother.

"Is it because they are trying to touch the sky?"

Read the complete poem.

From "From Where I am I See"

In the distance is a magenta castle,

full of kings and princesses, I am sure.

If I wanted to, I could go down my stairs

and step onto the orange-brick path.

                                                I would pass by lime green bushes

                                               and meandering bridges.

Read the complete poem.

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