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My  life philosophy can be summed up in lines from my story painting, Flowers Bursting Loudly..

                              Today I am all I can be.

                     I accept myself and live joyfully.  

                 There is no need to be strongest or best. 

                  To share from my heart is my only quest.

What “sharing from my heart” means has changed over my life. When I was a child

I drew pictures of people with big noses on note pads that my grandfather gave me, and

I told people that I would be a cartoon when I grew up. I enjoyed my art classes in high

school and was encouraged to pursue commercial art as a career. I was an applied art

and design major at the same university that my father graduated from. In time I learned that I was more suited

to be a fine artist and an art teacher, so I completed my education at another college. Later I also earned teaching

credentials in special education.


I created a new cartoon character: Youani, a cave man who learned to carve sculptures from the

stone walls that he encountered on his path of life. The name Youani means the universal creative

 collaboration of you- an- i. From this came the vision: When Youani express what is in our hearts

we add love to the world


As I continued my career as a teacher, I wrote stories to accompany my paintings, and put them

together in self- published books. My vision became even more concise: Youani create art that

brightens our world. I helped people express themselves and saw how much they grew and added

joy and life to people in their lives.


I am very grateful to the organizations in Santa Maria that have supported my sometimes far out

visions: Los Padres Artist Guild, Town Center Gallery, Unity Church, Santa Maria Valley Chamber

 of Commerce, and Toastmasters International. Toastmasters has helped me develop confidence to

 express myself in ways that help others express their beauty. More than anything else I am grateful to

my wife, Carrie, and my daughters, Jennifer and Michelle for their support and helpful feedback.


Most recently my vision became: When Youani express what is in our hearts we add love to the world, and Youani create art

 that brightens our world, and Youani helps people share beauty in their lives

Through my sublimation printing  business, Youani Arts I work with people to create art objects from beautiful images.

My stories and paintings book in progress has the working title, “Stripe, Seagulls and a Persimmon Tree.” I share my

day to day life adventures on the Facebook page of Michael Corob. From there I post my progress towards the book’s


This is what I know so far.


Michael Corob 11/6/2013

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