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“Through the colors, lines and images, I respond to the life force that I see and feel in

nature. After a painting is complete I allow my imagination to tell me a story. I write the

poetic short story, then share the story-painting with others. Completion of the process

allows more creativity to flow through me.”


Two Birds Approaching   Acrylic           Almost Still Life- Watercolor         Bold Black Birds- Acrylic          Persimmon Tree   

          16x20"  $150                                         16x20"  $170                                  16x20"   $150                        12x20"   $200   

Molding     Pastel                       Dad's Flowers- W/C                     Frog's Smile          

                                        12x16"   $170                                  14x18"  $200                          11x14"  $125                          


                             Pastel Sea Gulls  Pastel                                       Morning Cloud W/C 

                                     18x24"  $200                                                        12x20"   $200                              

Sizes & prices  of paintings includes mats.

Prints are available on request.  Contact Michael for details.

Copyright  © 2013.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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