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   Youani Arts    Sublimation Printing


Youani Arts prints on ceramic tile, wood plaques, coasters, mouse pads, neck ties, and wine bags


* Youani Arts helps people share the beauty in their lives with family and friends.

*Helps small businesses to keep their clients happy by, at a reasonable cost, giving them unique works of art.

* Enables artists to reproduce their creations in affordable, quality forms they can resell to clients.

                                      Ceramic Tiles

             from his own paintings               &                       from client images


             Michael welcomes commission projects in kitchens & in bathrooms


                                           Neck Ties

                     from his own paintings     &                   from client images


To order an art printing product, e-mail Michael a JPEG image and instructions. He will format

the image and contact you with a price quote and estimated completion date.

Michael Corob Youani Arts- www.youani.org, youani@aol.com, (805) 264-6722,

                                                                                              Fax (805) 928-1763

What is sublimation printing, and how does it work?

In dye sublimation printing, heat causes ink on a print to become a gas, which penetrates an

expanded polyester or polymer surface of a material. When the heat is removed, the surface

contracts and the ink returns to a solid form in the material.


Michael has given printing demonstrations at art galleries, chamber of commerce meetings, and

schools. He looks forward to giving presentations on the chemistry, business and creativity of

sublimation printing.

“Few people have even heard of the sublimation printing, and I feel like a scientist explaining a

new chemical process as well as an artist exploring a new expressive medium.”

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