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 Stripe the Cat

Each painting is this section features Mike’s large siamese cat, Stripe surrounded by nature.

Most of Michael’s drawings are done in his succulent gardens, Stripe’s favorite place to relax.

Stripe lives in the present, and enjoys simple pleasures. Michael in contrast, lives a very fast

paced, complex life, doing many things at the same time. Stripe has been a comforting reminder

for Michael to take life slowly and relax. The first story painting created in this series was

Stripe on Vacation. "I can spend the day lounging on the deck, soaking in the delicious sunlight,

allowing my fat belly to sag pleasantly on the warm cement sidewalk.’ Michael has written stories

to accompany several of the paintings, and is waiting for Stripe to tell him stories to go with the

 rest of them.

                    Paintings                               with  Stories   

              1.     2.      3.      4.  

1. Stripe’s Morning- w/c & ink, 16x20, $150.00       

Click here to read complete story of "Stripe's Morning".              

2. Stripe’s Window- w/c & ink, 11x14, $130.00       

Click here to read complete story of "Stripe's Window".

3. Stripe in Frisco- w/c & ink, 16x 20, $160.00        

Click here to read complete story of "Stripe in Frisco"                  

4. Stripe on Vacation- w/c, 11x14, sold              

  Click here to read complete story of "Stripe on Vacation". 

Stripe’s Palm- w/c & ink, 11x14, $140.00          

Stripe in the Shade- w/c & ink, 11x14, $120.00

Connections- w/c & ink, 16x20, sold

Stripe in the Tropics- w/c, 12x16, sold

Matted 11x14 inch prints are available for each of these images for $25.00,

including shipping.

1. "Connections" w/c & ink  16x20 sold


2. "Stripes in the Tropics" w/c 12x16 sold



3."Stripe on Vacation" w/c  11x14 sold


4."Stripe's Morning" w/c & ink 16x20 $150


5."Stripe's Window" w/c & ink 11x14 $130  



6."Stripe in Frisco" w/c & ink 16x20 $160


7."Stripe's Palm" w/c & ink 11x14 $140


8."Stripe in the Shade" w/c & ink 11x14 $120


Matted 11x14 inch prints are available for each of these images for $25, including shipping



Copyright  © 2013.  by Michael Corob.  All rights reserved.

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